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Ribbon Cutting Events/Packages

Want a great way to promote your business to the community? Offer ribbon-cutting, grand opening, or groundbreaking events to celebrate. It's a great way to promote your business to the community!

We will need the following information to get started:

  • Business name, address, telephone number, and coordinator's name.
  • Event name, event details, for example:
  1. Date and time (start and the end of the event).
  2. Will you offer complimentary food/snacks and beverages?
  3. Will you offer some promotions, giveaways, or raffles?
  4. Will there be tours, or any other details, that we should know about?
  5. Would you like our Chamber representative to give a speech before the ribbon-cutting? If yes, would anybody from your business like to give a speech as well (if yes, please provide contact information)?
  6. Do you have a deadline for RSVPs?
  • Logos and/or event flyer for the virtual event invitation (PNG or JPEG format).
  • Do you want it to be a public event or only for the members of the Chamber?
  • Do you have a limitation on how many people can attend and any other preferences?

We ask for four weeks' notice if you would like to schedule a ribbon cutting. 

Please note that the $150 ribbon-cutting fee and membership dues should be paid four weeks before the event. Otherwise, the event will be rescheduled.

The Chamber does not guarantee the high attendance of the Chamber members. It is the responsibility of the member to advertise the event.

Please get in touch with us at  to set up your event!


For $150

  • The Chamber will design your virtual invitation and do the creative work for you.
  • The Chamber will post the event on the main page of our website under the "Mark Your Calendar" scroll and on the Events Calendar Tab.
  • The Chamber will co-host the Ribbon Cutting event on Facebook and share it with our members and public followers (the event host is responsible for creating Facebook event invitations).
  • Three e-blast invitations will be sent before the event. The Chamber will collect RSVPs:
    • Initial E-mail Invitation
    • Follow-up E-mail Invitation
    • Final Reminder to RSVP (one day before RSVP date)
  • Chamber will send RSVP list to Event Coordinator one day in advance of the event, including Name & E-mail of attendees.
  • The Chamber will provide large scissors and a ribbon for the event.
  • The Chamber's Executive Director or the Board Member of the Chamber will attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony and say a few words of welcome.
  • The Chamber will take pictures at the ceremony
  • The Chamber will make a post on Facebook and Instagram with the photos from the event.