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About Us

Welcome to The South Suburban Chamber of Commerce

The South Suburban Chamber of Commerce, representing southeastern Wisconsin communities, is a business organization whose purpose is to promote the interests of our members and enhance the regional business climate, economy, and community.

Today’s South Suburban Chamber of Commerce is a versatile and powerful business tool. Small and mid-sized businesses enjoy the visibility, business advocacy, and resources of the community. Larger corporations recognize that membership in the Chamber is an essential part of what it means to be a part of the community.

Chamber membership also increases legislative bargaining power for all businesses. Chamber members work together to impact decisions at the local, county, and state level by providing information to its members and facilitating forums with elected officials.

For many business leaders, Chamber membership is an excellent networking opportunity, which is so essential for regional development, cooperation, and globalization.

The South Suburban Chamber also serves the community by providing events and services that promote and celebrate the growth of the local economy. The Chamber is an exciting and vital business resource that empowers businesses and their communities to grow and succeed.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The South Suburban Chamber is a voluntary membership organization governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by a professional association executive and an executive assistant. Membership is open to any business from the individual entrepreneur to the large corporation with thousands of employees. Membership dues are based on the number of full-time equivalent employees.

We invite you to become more involved and take advantage of some of the benefits of membership. Listed below are just some of the programs your business could participate in and benefit from.

Investment in your Chamber means:

  • Networking
  • Community Development and Involvement
  • Member Resources
  • Customer Loyalty and Reliability
  • Educational Programs
  • Advertising and Accessibility through Resource Guides, Maps and Websites
  • Business Growth
  • Affinity Programs including health insurance coverage
  • Member-to-Member Discounts
  • Business Relationship Building
  • Giving Back to the Community